I am excited to share with you the benefits of the information system for the Engineering Department of luxury resorts and hotels. It has helped me to increase the Engineering team performance, decrease the maintenance expenses and completely remove guest's complaints on facility and assets condition. Also, it has allowed me and my team to achieve top-quality results with less stress and overwhelm.

My story started in 2014 when I sold my share in a software development company and joined the management team of luxury resort Velaa Private Island Maldives. I was responsible for standardization of IT operation processes including information systems.

Resort General Manager promoted me to the position of the Director of Engineering in 2015 because of my deep knowledge and experience with process-oriented management and leadership skills.

My goals were quite ambitious:
- Reduce the number of incidents related to the facility with a direct impact on the resort's guests
- Set up and execute preventive maintenance of the facility and its assets
- Decrease operating and payroll related expenses of the Engineering Department by 10 %

Very soon I understood and verified how a proper management system can help to achieve these goals. In six months, I changed how the Engineering Department and its staff organized their daily work.

Now, they are able to:
- Delegate responsibility on Section Supervisors for planning and executing of preventive and corrective work orders because all work orders are tracked and easily managed
- Reduce guest's complaints on facility condition almost to zero by daily accomplishing scheduled preventive and corrective maintenance works
- Reduced its operation expense by 10 % thanks to the preventive maintenance and no lost or forgotten issues reported to Engineering

After accomplishing and surpassing my goals at Velaa Private Island Maldives I decided to help other Directors or Engineering in other luxury resorts. I am here to help them with the whole process of the system deployment - from design and decision taking to full operation and evaluation of the results.