One Of My Best Hack In Electrical Workshop

I am sure you are familiar with this situation. You are assessing historical data and try to learn from them, and sometimes you learn a lot, sometimes it seems like you already know everything. Today I want to share my experience with the best hack I did in the electrical workshop. Even though it might seem like unnecessary spending of money, given the huge benefits it brought to my team, the investment was well worth it. What was this fantastic hack? I have installed a laptop for every electrician in the workshop.

The electrical maintenance of the resort is one of the most critical jobs which the engineering department executes. In case of a significant electrical breakdown, the resort might even close altogether! The need for proper maintenance is even more apparent when we realize that the cause of most fires is a faulty electrical circuit. In Velaa Private Island Maldives the electrical section belongs to a bigger group of workers in the Engineering Department, and at least one electrician is available 24/7.

From supervisors to the workers

Once I launched Asset and Maintenance Management Software, I first granted access to the section's supervisors. My supervisors started working with the system, and I was pleasantly surprised by how fast they adapted this kind of work order management.

However, the biggest surprise for me was when I granted access to all the resort's electricians. The system is a web-based application, so just putting a laptop in the electrical workshop allowed electricians to access and work with work orders of their section. They adapted to the new system in less than a week and started planning their works based on the preventive maintenance and corrective requests coming to their section. They even started recording conducted work regularly - either a couple of times per day or at least at the end of their shift.

This "hack" brings two significant improvements in electricians work:

The first benefit of the system - Easy handover of shifts

Before the implementation of this system, the handover of night shift findings was conducted through some piece of paper with simple notes and descriptions of it. This piece of paper was lost many times, people misunderstood the records, and it was just a hot mess. Just the simple "hack" of putting the laptop in the electrical workshop increased the effectivity of the shift handover process.

All night shift findings were recorded as work orders in Assets and Maintenance Management Software with an appropriate status of each task. With one look in the system, the morning shift immediately saw unfinished tasks and persisting electrical issues. Based on this information, the new workers could adjust the work plan accordingly within a couple of moments, and no night shift task was lost or forgotten.

The second benefit of the system - Keeping public lights in the shape

The public lights in any resort are connected in complex systems comprising thousands of particular lights of different types. It's not easy to keep all of them in good condition. Bunch of dry leaves, a moved bench or an overgrown plant can cover the light and can make you quickly forget about it and its precise location. Night shift should regularly check their condition and get reports of public light malfunction observed by other staff.

However, even if they see an issue with a light, the night shift isn't capable of fixing them in the night. So it should be the job of the day shift to fix all these public lights issues. When adapted to the new system, the night shift never forgot to record all these malfunctions of public lights to Assets and Maintenance Management System and the day shift could easily and quickly fix all of the problems. So the result? The electrical section achieved dramatically fewer complaints about public lights condition from guests as well as other department staff.

The best hacks are those that empower

I was amazed by how this little "hack" changed the work of the whole electrical section. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the section adopted this new style of work planning and tracking. It didn't take them more than five days, and it changed the work organization in the electrical section for the better. The involvement of the whole electrician team helped their supervisor to leave planning their daily work plan to the electricians. After all, they are the most competent people to do that anyways. The number of unsolved issues dramatically decreased, and they reoccured only very rarely.

This "hack" started a crucial change in the involvement of all engineering staff and their approach to work order planning and recording. The positive experience in the electrical section showed me that this truly is the way how to increase the quality of maintenance and achieve much higher efficiency in finishing the requested tasks.

It is quite simple - involve all your staff in planning and recording of their work and provide them with the system to help them do so effectively and efficiently.


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